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Frequently Asked Questions

What does kbrenders do?

kbrenders is an automated service for 3D rendering custom keycap set designs. It works by parsing certain keyboard-layout-editor designs into blender scenes that can then be rendered. It is (currently) rather limited in what it can do compared to a professional artist, but it is considerably faster and cheaper. Compared to kle-render, final output is much more realistic due to kbrenders actually ray tracing every request in blender on cloud servers. The render fee allows me to keep this service running - unlike image compositing, ray tracing is computationally expensive so server costs are more of a concern.

What features are supported?

You must start with one of the provided keyboard-layout-editor templates - custom layouts are not supported. Colors and legend customizations are supported, as well as most unicode glyphs and character picker symbols; besides layout, custom CSS and external images are also not supported. Changes to keycap profile and background color in keyboard-layout-editor are not honored - use the background color and keycap profile fields in the order form instead.

How should I report bugs or request features?

Emails should be directed to mail@kbrenders.com. If you are having problems with a specific layout it would help enormously if you could attach the JSON file and the settings used in your order. For general questions you can also message me on reddit as /u/CQ_Cumbers or on geekhack as CQ_Cumbers.

Service outages, changelogs, and other information will be posted on the geekhack thead.

Many thanks to RAMA, Mech27, and Mechkeys.ca for their keyboard models.

Sample Renders

GMK Carbon on Mech27, Side View
SA Lunchbar on Espectro, Front View
GMK Carbon on Mech Mini 2, Top View
DSA Lunchbar on M65-A, Side View
GMK Carbon on Klippe, Front View